Friday, May 29, 2009

Round 2 - Afghanistan

So I set up this blog to update family and friends and it's been about 7 months since I did so and this is my first entry. I'm so motivated! Anyways, I figure now that Duke has deployed to Afghanistan, it will be nice for everyone to be able to jump on here and get updates and pics of him...and all of us.

Anyways, Duke left a few days ago for his second deployment. It's certainly not fun and I wouldn't wish this life on anybody, but he loves what he does and if I do say so myself, he's very good at it. He'll be gone for a year, boo. So far everything has gone very smooth. He left, has made it overseas and the kids and I are visiting family in NM and AZ for the next couple of weeks. I'm so happy that we decided to do this little trip, it has really helped us keep our minds off of things. Right now we're in NM with my Auntie Jenn, Uncle Tim and Tannis and we're having a great time just chilling with them. Next week we'll head to AZ to visit more cousins and grandparents and friends.

So that's my micro-mini update. I'll hopefully get on here more than every seven months.


dntbaker said...

if i had to pick a background for you i would totally pick this one!
can't wait to see you in a couple days.. and so colin can show us his awesome new game :)

Snelders Family said...

yeah you have a blog!